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 Armed with spinning gear, fly gear and camera gear, Smooth and Basstard keep their audiences glued to their videos as they land fish after fish, where camera footage is everything from first person view, to right in the water with the fish, capturing all of the action from all angles.  Footage is raw, and matter of fact.

____________________________ is an exciting fishing blog, with attitude!  Well estblished source for multi-contributor content.  Visit now to view videos, read industry leading product reviews and insightful information in a fresh format.




mil·i·tant [mil-i-tuh nt]


To be vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause: militant reformers


 Never before has there been such a brazen representation of the counter-culture that lives and thrives in the Canadian angling and hunting scene.  Serving primarily as an online media platform since its official launch in 2011, the published and unpublished efforts of Militant Outdoors have continued to embrace the competitive edge of those with a true passion of sport and the conviction to act upon it without reserve.

Militant is dedicated to continue its role as an invigorating pioneer in Canadian sports media through its unique brand of indie-style short films, the fresh perspective that is Tournament Media event coverage and its very own uninhibited creative writings, intended for those daring enough to have an open mind.

Militant Outdoors is revolutionizing the industry you thought you knew.


As such, the site is currently under construction in preparation for a full on asault for 2014. 


Militant has always stayed true to the anglers, and looks to accentuate how a quality tournament venue can further each anglers' experience each and every tournament. In its ever-evolving pursuit of this goal, Militant will be exclusively partnered with Shootout Series fishing series in 2014, providing constant video and literay media content that is meant to engage and entertain beyond the current industry standards.

Look to see who wins the "Militant Wildcard" prize each Shootout Series event! This is a first in the tournament industry! On behalf of Militant Outdoors, Shootout Series will award a randomly selected team number that registered that day as the winner of the "Militant Wildcard" prize.

So, each Shootout Series event in 2014 (with the exception of "Rumble for a Ranger" July 26th and July 27th) a team could win their entry fee for that particular day.  Remember you have to be present at the end of the day during the winner announcements to be awarded the prize of course.

With massive plans to provide custom media coverage for Shootout Series, PLUS the in-depth (and beyond) content only available from Miltant Outdoors outlets, 2014 is shaping up to be yet another benchmark setting year for Militant.



CEO Sean White


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